Now Shipping: Nazoranai September 20 2017

Nazoranai is the supergroup of Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley.

W.25TH / Superior Viaduct presents Nazoranai's third album, the cryptically named Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously, The Nature Of All That Must Be Transformed. Collectively, Nazoranai operates as a live collaboration for spontaneous composition. Here, the trio explores two side-long tracks of superb abstraction recorded at SuperDeluxe in Toyko. Ambarchi and O'Malley provide the perfect brute-rock rhythm section to Haino's wrecklessly pure expression through instrument and voice.

Comes with gorgeous spot UV, tip-on gatefold jacket.

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Just Announced: Nazoranai August 28 2017

Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley should not need any introductions nor should their supergroup Nazoranai – a live recorded collaboration through noise, abstraction and dynamics.

W.25TH / Superior Viaduct presents Nazoranai's third album, Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously, The Nature Of All That Must Be Transformed, which marks the band's first release on an American label.

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Just Announced: John Frusciante August 25 2017

We're excited to finally announce our reissue of John Frusciante's Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt, which was originally released on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label in 1994.

Mail-order exclusive, deluxe edition includes 2xLP on translucent red vinyl, bonus 7" of two extra tracks from the original cassette release and a black-and-white photograph of the artist. Strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

The black vinyl version does not come with 7" and photo.

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Flash Sale: The Fall August 11 2017

Summer is almost over, and Fall is fast approaching ... literally. John Peel's favorite band will be in the US next month for seven sold-out shows at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn and Cropped Out festival in Louisville.

To celebrate, we're offering a special-priced vinyl bundle of our The Fall series.

For a limited time, you can have six classic albums and a striking 10" from the group's early catalogue.

Offer ends Sunday August 13th at midnight, Pacific Time (while supplies last).

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Just Announced: Franco Battiato July 28 2017

We are excited to announce SV's reissue campaign of electronic music pioneer Franco Battiato. Often heralded as Italy's answer to Brian Eno, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early '70s with perfectly oblique vocals, infectious melodies, analog electronics and his unique, forward-thinking ideas on rock 'n' roll.

Three classic albums – Fetus (1971), Pollution (1972) and Sulle Corde Di Aries (1973) – are scheduled to be released this September, with more coming later in the year!

First time available on vinyl in the US.

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Photo by Roberto Masotti

Now Shipping: Perverted By Language July 07 2017

The Fall's shining catalogue continues with their sixth proper studio album.

Originally released in 1983, Perverted By Language marks not only Brix Smith's debut, but also the band's shift towards a distinctly pop approach. Retaining the force and panic of their initial Rough Trade recordings, this is The Fall both as they were and as they would become.

First time available on vinyl in the US.

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July 4th Weekend - SV Catalogue Bundles June 30 2017

And here we are again ... Halfway through the year and another 20 releases under the SV banner. Thanks everyone for your support! We can't wait to tell you about what's coming in the next few months.

To show our gratitude, we created three vinyl bundles that highlight the diverse artists in our catalogue.

Offer ends Tuesday July 4th at midnight, Pacific Time (while supplies last).

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Flash Sale: Bert Jansch June 23 2017

Summer is finally here. To celebrate, we're offering a special-priced vinyl bundle of our Bert Jansch series.

For a limited time, you can have five LPs from Jansch's classic Transatlantic catalogue – Bert Jansch, It Don't Bother Me, Jack Orion, Birthday Blues and Rosemary Lane – at half the regular price.

Offer ends Sunday June 25th at midnight, Pacific Time.

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Photo by Brian Shuel

Just Signed: EXEK June 20 2017

We are excited to announce the signing of Melbourne band EXEK.

Scheduled to be released in late 2017 on our W.25TH imprint, the forthcoming album Ahead Of Two Thoughts follows on the heels of EXEK's recent Japanese tour and pushes headlong into haunted, post-punk territories. Together EXEK's songs form a never-ending loop of dub-infected textures and anxious lyrics.

EXEK began as a studio project with frontman Albert Wolski before the 2014 formation of the four-piece line up with Andrew Brocchi (synthesizer), Henry Wilson (bass) and Sam Dixon (drums). With the addition of Nell Grant on saxophone, the group's sound entered another dimension that reveals EXEK to be conjuring the ghosts of PiL, This Heat and Swell Maps.

Look for EXEK on tour in Australia this summer and in the US in early 2018.

Just In: Die Tödliche Doris LP June 09 2017

For those who missed our États-Unis series, we just received a limited black vinyl repress of the Die Tödliche Doris LP as well as a warehouse find of clear vinyl for Highlights Of Vortex, Le Forte Four and Joe Jones.

Die Tödliche Doris' debut, originally released on Zickzack in 1982 and produced by Neubauten's Blixa Bargeld, transfixes listeners with disquieting lullabies of profound anxiety and manic lacerations of punk minimalism.

This first-time vinyl reissue includes a reproduction of the original 24-page booklet.

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Now Shipping: Tony Conrad's Ten Years 2xLP May 26 2017

Now shipping 2xLP version of Tony Conrad's Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain, previously unreleased breathtaking performance from 1972 featuring Conrad, Rhys Chatham and Laurie Spiegel.

"Ten Years began with image before sound, a row of quadruple projections arranged side-by-side, all the shuffling stripes cascading into each other. Over the next two hours the music throbbed and the projectors incrementally shifted inwards, their beams gradually uniting to form one pulsating, overlapping picture." – Andrew Lampert

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Now Shipping: John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane's Cosmic Music May 12 2017

Originally released in 1968, Cosmic Music features tracks from John Coltrane's final quintet (with Pharoah Sanders, Jimmy Garrison and Rashied Ali) and from Alice Coltrane's first session as a bandleader.

Fiery incantations and inspired improvisations from the spiritual center of the '60s musical universe.

This is the first time that the album has been reissued with its original private-press cover.

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Now Shipping: Tony Conrad's Ten Years 2CD May 05 2017

Now shipping 2CD version of Tony Conrad's Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain. (Vinyl coming in June.)

This previously unreleased recording features Conrad (violin), Rhys Chatham (long string drone) and Laurie Spiegel (bass pulse), recorded at The Kitchen, New York in 1972. Edited by Jim O'Rourke.

As Chatham recounts in the liner notes, "When I first listened to this recording after not hearing it for over 40 years, it transported me back to the early Kitchen and the heyday of early minimalism, played outside the Dream Syndicate."

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Now Shipping: Gibson, Dreyblatt, and Jansch April 28 2017

We are excited to be shipping Jon Gibson's Two Solo Pieces (gorgeous recordings originally released on Philip Glass' Chatham Square imprint), Arnold Dreyblatt's Propellers In Love (a peerless work of second-generation American minimalism) and finally Bert Jansch's Birthday Blues and Rosemary Lane (two hidden gems in Jansch's classic Transatlantic catalogue).

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Now Shipping: Cindy Lee's Malenkost LP April 24 2017

Shipping this week, the second release on our W.25TH imprint. Cindy Lee's Malenkost is hauntingly familiar yet of another plane, a magical collision of Brill Building hooks and uncompromising No Wave.

"Cindy Lee is intensely dark and cathartic, an eerie fever dream of fleeting, utterly heartbreaking classic girl-group melodies ... one of the best things we have heard all year." – Gorilla vs. Bear

In stores everywhere on May 5th. Pre-orders shipping immediately.

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Record Store Day: The Pin Group April 17 2017

Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 22nd. Our store Stranded will be open at 9am in both San Francisco and Oakland locations. If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by and say Hello.

Available in stores everywhere on RSD, our limited edition Pin Group singles are recommended for fans of Joy Division, Wire and Flying Nun Records. (Sorry, the 12" was delayed. We'll be shipping Go To Town EP next week.)

The singles are sold out for mail-order, but you can find them at your local record shop this weekend.

Just Announced: Cosmic Music and Perverted By Language April 07 2017

Coming out this May, we have John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane's Cosmic Music (first time reissued with its original cover) and The Fall's Perverted By Language (first time available in the US on vinyl). So good!

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Now Shipping: États-Unis April 05 2017

Shipping this week, the first five LPs in our États-Unis series.

We have the various artists compilation Highlights Of Vortex (San Francisco sound artists from the late 1950s including Henry Jacobs et al.), Tod Dockstader's Eight Electronic Pieces (1961 debut from this pioneer of early electronic music), Die Tödliche Doris' first album (manic lacerations of punk minimalism), Le Forte Four's Bikini Tennis Shoes (first release on the LAFMS imprint) and Fluxus artist Joe Jones' In Performance.

Each album pressed in a limited edition on clear vinyl.

Our special-priced vinyl bundle sold out on pre-order. Individual titles still available right here.

Tony Conrad's Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain March 31 2017

Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain is the quintessential work of artist/filmmaker/composer Tony Conrad. Superior Viaduct is honored to present the previously unreleased 1972 recording of Ten Years's breathtaking premier performance, featuring Rhys Chatham and Laurie Spiegel. Available on vinyl and compact disc.

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Bender in NYC March 26 2017

If you're in New York, check out these three shows by the inimitable John Bender.

Monday March 27th at Muchmore's, Brooklyn - More info
Tuesday March 28th at Good Room, Brooklyn - More info
Wednesday March 29th at Nothing Changes, Manhattan - More info

Photo by Lichtwaas.

Just Announced: The Pin Group March 06 2017

New Zealand's Pin Group emerged out of the early '80s Christchurch scene and, with just two stunning singles and one brilliant five-song EP, have become an archetype for nearly all indie bands ever since.

Ambivalence was not only The Pin Group's hypnotic debut, but also the very first release on Flying Nun. While guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphries and drummer Peter Stapleton build off each other's jittery riffs, Montgomery's uncanny baritone pierces the torrential clangor. Conjuring both Wire's Chairs Missing and VU's White Light/White Heat, the band captures a truly unique sound – evocative, yet austere.

Wasting little time, The Pin Group released Coat in November 1981, merely two months after their first single. On the title track, Humphries' distant vocals call out as tense rhythms gradually push listeners over the edge. B-side track "Jim" could easily have been recorded in Manchester circa 1979, but remains a master class in NZ post-punk atmospherics, menacing from start to finish.

The Pin Group went back into the studio in January 1982 to record their third and final classic release. Featuring an expanded five-piece lineup with Mary Heney on guitar/vocals and Peter Fryer on viola, Go To Town is a work of taut perfection. Showcasing the band's dramatic chiaroscuro textures and arresting lyrics, "Long Night" and "When I Tell You" make staggeringly clear how much sonic ground The Pin Group covered in their unfortunately short tenure.

These first-time standalone reissues, featuring Ronnie van Hout's original sleeve designs, are pressed on color vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies each. The 12" includes liner notes by Liz Harris. Now is the time to discover again the monochrome magnetism of this unparalleled and legendary band.

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Just Announced: Gibson, Dreyblatt, and Jansch February 10 2017

In addition to the five limited edition LPs coming out on États-Unis, we'e releasing four more incredible records in late March.

Ending our Bert Jansch series, we have Birthday Blues and Rosemary Lane – two hidden gems in Jansch's classic Transatlantic catalogue. Then we dive further into the American minimalist tradition with Jon Gibson's Two Solo Pieces and Arnold Dreyblatt's Propellers In Love.

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Now Shipping: Ennio Morricone February 03 2017

Shipping this week, we have the first-time vinyl reissue of classic 1972 soundtrack Un Uomo Da Rispettare from maestro Ennio Morricone. Variations of noir-jazz abstraction frame the composer's grand vision, while dissonant chords and angular arrangements recall his work with Gruppo Nuova Consonanza.

First 500 copies on color vinyl (mail-order exclusive).

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États-Unis January 27 2017

After a long time in the making ... Superior Viaduct finally unveils the sub-label États-Unis, focusing on unconventional sounds from truly unique artists. The first set in the series comes out on April 7th and features German post-punk (Die Tödliche Doris), Fluxus (Joe Jones), a glimpse into the legendary LAFMS catalogue (Le Forte Four), early electronic music (Tod Dockstader) and San Francisco sound artists from the late 1950s (Highlights Of Vortex).

Each album pressed in a limited edition on clear vinyl.

Buy individual titles right here or get them all in our special-priced vinyl bundle.