The Mekons - Never Been In A Riot 7"


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Limited edition clear vinyl.

No band captures the DIY punk ethos better than The Mekons. As one critic wrote of the group, "Those who couldn't play tried to learn and those who could tried to forget."

Their debut EP first appeared on Fast Product in 1978, featuring the collective's original six-piece lineup and delivering three startlingly original songs – "Never Been In A Riot," "32 Weeks" and "Heart And Soul" – that never appeared on any of their albums. Like fellow Leeds misfits Gang of Four and Delta 5, The Mekons form a rowdy and illuminating piece of the UK post-punk puzzle, fusing everyday political concerns with a no-holds-barred approach to performance.

  1. Never Been In A Riot
  2. 32 Weeks
  3. Heart And Soul