Now Shipping: Battiato October 13 2017

Shipping this week, three classic albums by Franco Battiato – available for the first time on vinyl in the US.

Fetus, his captivating 1971 debut, skirts effortlessly into the territories of avant-pop, musique concrète, folk and psychedelic. While Pollution's hypnotic grooves and cinematic flourishes suggest a futuristic meeting point between Stereolab and Ennio Morricone, Sulle Corde Di Aries blooms in a polyphony of organic pulses reminiscent of the vibrant keyboard minimalism of Terry Riley.

"There is no figure in Italian music, nor within the country's shimmering, expansive avant-garde, who demands the respect and awe offered to Franco Battiato. He is the beginning and the end. An artist whose output, stretching across six decades, is so diverse and singular, that it defies any concrete definition." – Soundohm

"Sometimes Battiato gets likened to Brian Eno, on account of his string of 1970s art-pop albums ... A better analogy might be with Brazil's Tom Zé or France's Serge Gainsbourg – charismatic individualists operating on the cusp between the avant-garde and mainstream entertainment." – Simon Reynolds (4Columns)

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