Just Announced: LAFMS album reissues February 16 2022

For five years, our Etats-Unis sub-label has been dedicated to strange and beautiful music that manages to remain between genres. No other scene is more right for this series than Los Angeles Free Music Society.

We're excited to announce reissues from LAFMS' pioneering catalogue: I.D. Art #2, Le Forte Four / Doo-Dooettes' Live At The Brand, Blorp Esette Volume One and Smegma's Glamour Girl 1941. Landmark albums and compilations that were not included in their recent vinyl box sets as well as a rare 1979 sound-art comp, aptly named Sound.

Each album pressed in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

Buy individual titles right here or get them all in our special-priced vinyl bundle.

Photo by Fredrik Nilsen