Various - Sound LP


Label: États-Unis

Sound: An Exhibition of Sound Sculpture, Instrument Building and Acoustically Tuned Spaces opened at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art in the summer of 1979 (and was also on view later that year at PS1 in New York). Curated by Bob Wilhite and Robert Smith, the exhibition surveyed the field of sound art. The forty-four participants were painters pivoted toward performance, conceptual artists attracted to time-based mediums, self-styled creators of environments, and musicians (formally trained and otherwise) fashioning new instruments from household items and consumer electronics. They were more or less object-oriented and, at the same time, more or less music-oriented. What brought them all together, as the exhibition catalog gamely asserted, was sculpting in three-dimensional space.

The Sound exhibit included installations, recordings played in the exhibition space and a series of live performances, demonstrating instruments that otherwise rested inert in the gallery. For a broader sense of the show than a single visit provided, the curators also produced a compilation album featuring short pieces, or excerpts from longer works, by many of the participants. (Artists in the exhibition, but not on the LP included Alvin Lucier and Mike Kelley.) Selections from bright lights of the 20th century avant-garde – such as composers Bill Fontana, Yoshi Wada and Paul DeMarinis; conceptual artists and performance artists Terry Fox, Tom Marioni and Jim Pomeroy; experimental vocalist Joan La Barbara; and Los Angeles Free Music Society members Tom Recchion and John Duncan – feature alongside the sounds of Jim Hobart's tuned jars, Ivor Darreg's fretless banjo, Doug Hollis' aeolian harp and Richard Dunlap's rubber bands.

This first-time reissue is limited to 500 numbered copies. Comes with poster.

Track Listing:

  1. Jim Hobart - Maraca Instrument
  2. Bob Bates - Force Field
  3. Richard Dunlap - The Rubber Band
  4. Joan La Barbara - Q-uatre Petites Betes
  5. Ron George - Improvisation
  6. Ivor Darreg - Composition For Turkish-Fretless Banjo
  7. Bob Wilhite - Two Spinners
  8. Jim Gordon - Piece For Synthesizers, Computers And Other Instruments
  9. Paul DeMarinis - Pygmy Gamelan Goes To Art
  10. Jim Pomeroy - Back On The Ladder, The Beat Goes On
  11. Yoshi Wada - An Adapted Bag With Sympathy III
  12. Christina Kubisch - Tempo Liquido
  13. Gerald Oshita - Water Preludes
  14. Tom Jenkins - One Man Band
  15. Bill Fontana - Kirribilli Wharf
  16. Doug Hollis - Aeolian Harp
  17. Tom Marioni - Drop Brushing
  18. Terry Fox - Labyrinth Scored For II Cats
  19. Tom Recchion - Solos
  20. Alex Bernstein - L.A. Proper
  21. Karen Wolff / William Kingsbury - Double Crossing
  22. Bruce Fier - Score For Eleven Infinite Rainbows
  23. Susan Rawcliffe - Trix Ocarinas
  24. Will Parsons / Grace Bell - Road Runner / L.A.
  25. Dennis Evans - Location #2
  26. John Duncan / Michael Le Donne-Bhennet - Koko Weef 6038