You're Not Alone: MX-80 SOUND Release Party August 03 2013

MX-80 SOUND is one of the real oddities in American music. Their debut album, Hard Attack (released in the UK on Island Records), found little-to-no audience in the States upon its release in 1977, yet remains a key document of the mid-'70s proto-punk zeitgeist. According to Trouser Press, "If ever a band realized the potential of pre-punk 'underground' noise rock, MX-80 is it."

In 1978, band members relocated to San Francisco and signed to THE RESIDENTS' Ralph Records label. For the past 35+ years, MX-80 wrote and recorded volumes of staggering music – six nights a week in various clubs or in their basement practice space. Superior Viaduct is honored to present the definitive version of Hard Attack. Meticulously restored from the original analog tapes, this 2CD set features 19 previously unreleased songs from 1976-1978.

To celebrate the occasion, MX-80 founders Bruce Anderson and Dale Sophiea will perform live at Stranded in Oakland on Sunday, September 1st. Spread the word.

Photo by Andrea Ross.