Upcoming Concerts: Fullman and Niblock January 18 2016

Ellen Fullman: Resonance Is Harmony
with Kyle Bruckmann (oboe) and Luciano Chessa (dan bau)
Saturday January 23rd, 8pm
at The Lab, San Francisco

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Ellen Fullman: Harbors and Past the Angels
with Theresa Wong (cello)
Sunday January 31st, 8pm
at The Lab, San Francisco

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Ellen Fullman began developing her installation The Long String Instrument in 1981, in search of tonalities that could not be achieved with traditional instruments. For the month of January 2016, the composer will be artist-in-residence at The Lab where she has installed an expanded version of her instrument – over one hundred strings, spanning 53 feet in length. Last year Superior Viaduct reissued The Long String Instrument album, the first document of Fullman's acoustic explorations.

Phill Niblock
Saturday February 13th, 8pm

at The Lab, San Francisco

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Phill Niblock is a New York-based minimalist composer, multi-media musician, and director of Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Since the mid-1960's he has performed at venues around the world from the Museum of Modern Art to Akademie der Kunste, Berlin. His densely layered drones have inspired a younger generation including Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo. Niblock says, "What I am doing with my music is to produce something without rhythm or melody, by using many microtones that cause movements very, very slowly." His landmark debut album, Nothin To Look At Just A Record, was reissued by Superior Viaduct in 2013.

For this special performance at The Lab, Niblock will perform recent compositions and screen footage from his breathtaking "Movement of People Working" series. Co-sponsored by Stranded and The Lab.

Photo by Robert Szkolnicki.

Photo by Katherine Liberovskaya.