Now Shipping: DEVO Hardcore Vinyl June 15 2013

Let's go, spuds! The time has arrived. Both volumes of DEVO's Hardcore have been pressed into deep vinyl grooves and wrapped in beautiful 12-inch jackets. Recorded in the rubber town of Akron, Ohio between April 1974 and December 1977, these are the same demos that caught the attention of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Brian Eno et al. 40 songs including original versions of Jocko Homo, Mongoloid, and four previously unreleased tracks.

As Henry Rollins perfectly states, "Hardcore DEVO is not some barrel bottom scrape in a desperate attempt to pilfer your billfold! This is pure DEVO – the sweetest crude, straight from the source!"

Don't be a schmoe. Get in the show.

Front cover photography by Moshe Brakha.

Poster included in deluxe edition only. Photo by Moshe Brakha.