We Get Messages: MONITOR April 03 2013

MONITOR began as the musical arm of World Imitation Productions (WImP), a San Fernando Valley art collective that vigorously published dozens of art pamphlets and exhibited in galleries throughout the 70's. They performed at various underground venues in Los Angeles, such as The Masque and Hong Kong Café, where they found kindred spirits in the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) groups as well as NON, NERVOUS GENDER, HUMAN HANDS and BPEOPLE. MONITOR's affinity for performance art, synthesizers and primitive electronics set them apart from traditional rock bands. Their sole album from 1981 was produced by Ed Barger who made several of DEVO's early recordings. Barger and MONITOR singer/bassist Laurie O'Connell produced THE MEAT PUPPETS' debut EP, and the Kirkwood brothers' appearance on the MONITOR album was their first time on vinyl.

"MONITOR's debut album, a compendium of mutant amplified folk tunes is the best local release I've heard all year." – Matt Groening, L.A. Reader, 1981

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MONITOR live at Hong Kong Café, 1980. Photos by Ferrara Brain Pan.

MONITOR on New Wave Theatre, 1982.