Now Shipping: PETER JEFFERIES and GRUPPO August 12 2014

Electricity is the brilliant sophomore album by New Zealand legend PETER JEFFERIES' (THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT, NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS, etc.). With guest appearances from heavyweights in the NZ music scene (STRAITJACKET FITS' Shayne Carter, PLAGAL GRIND's Robbie Muir and THE DEAD C's Bruce Russell), Electricity has garnered a cult following among fans, yet the songs possess a singular quality – every note, utterance and flourish reflect back to JEFFERIES alone. This first-time vinyl reissue includes four bonus tracks from 1992's Swerve EP and is highly recommended for fans of Flying Nun Records, John Cale and Jim Shepard. Get it here.

Before 1976's benchmark release, Musica Su Schemi, GRUPPO recorded this eponymous album in 1973 (featuring Franco Evangelisti, Egisto Macchi and Ennio Morricone). Whether the passages are jarring or soothing, clamorous or silken, the ensemble retains astounding organic coherence. An ultra-rare entry in GRUPPO's formidable discography, Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza is finally reissued for the first time ever. Get it here.