Summer 2014 Releases (Part 1) May 09 2014

Our first batch of Summer releases draws a nice parallel between '80s punk Los Angeles and '70s avant-garde Paris.

Originally released on Ruby Records in 1981, THE FLESH EATERS' A Minute To Pray A Second To Die features the greatest band in American rock history. This first-time vinyl reissue and long out-of-print CD release has been carefully remastered and features liner notes by author / archivist Byron Coley.

Also originally released on Ruby in 1981, Fire Of Love is the no-nonsense debut from L.A. blues-punk legends THE GUN CLUB. Take it straight from Chris D. of THE FLESH EATERS who wrote liner notes for this long out-of-print CD release: "Fire Of Love is probably the definitive record to come out of this roots revival movement."

Next up, we return with another installment by French iconoclast Richard Pinhas under the HELDON moniker. 1975's Allez-Téia contains heady textures and rhythmic meditations reminiscent of the German Kosmische movement (CLUSTER, HARMONIA, et al.) and post-rock experimentalists (such as Jim O'Rourke and GASTR DEL SOL), foreshadowing Pinhas's incredible solo work for decades to come.

Last but not least ... We continue on the BRIGITTE FONTAINE series that began last year with 1972's Brigitte Fontaine. In many ways, this first-time vinyl reissue is FONTAINE's most compelling work and an excellent entry point for those unfamiliar with this unique French icon.