Shipping Next Week: 2016 Punk Singles April 01 2016

Shipping next week, some of the best music ever made. All from New York and Manchester, circa 1978-79.

Suicide is the classic proto-punk duo composed of Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Their first single, Cheree, was originally released in England just months after their landmark self-titled LP. Their second single, Dream Baby Dream, has been covered by many artists – most famously Bruce Springsteen. First-time vinyl reissue and first-time domestic release. Limited edition red vinyl.

The Fall's debut Bingo-Master's Break-Out and their follow-up It's The New Thing boldly announce the arrival of this UK group that eschewed the cosmetic elements of punk and New Wave. While Mark E. Smith's acid-tinged poetry illuminates the dour North, the band's snot-nosed scrabble afflicts the shape of pop to come. First-time vinyl reissue and first-time domestic release. Limited edition blue vinyl.

DNA recorded their lone single just prior to the pivotal No New York sessions with Brian Eno. Featuring original lineup with Arto Lindsay (guitar/vocals), Robin Crutchfield (keyboards) and Ikue Mori (drums), You & You perfectly captures the anti-movement of No Wave. First-time vinyl reissue. Limited edition clear vinyl.

These five singles can be found in stores everywhere on April 16th. Very few copies left for pre-order.

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