How Ya Feelin? NEGATIVE TREND November 25 2013

Along with THE SLEEPERS' debut EP, NEGATIVE TREND's self-titled 7-inch reigns supreme as the best Punk record to come out of San Francisco in 1978. Raw, heavy, and carefully restrained, these four songs made such an impression on a young Henry Rollins that decades later he reissued them on CD on his 2.13.61 imprint.

It makes perfect sense that NEGATIVE TREND's break-up birthed even more maladjusted offspring. Craig Gray (guitar) would go on to found TOILING MIDGETS, Will Shatter (bass) and Steve DePace (drums) formed FLIPPER, and Mikal Waters (vocals) joined SOUL REBELS.

Superior Viaduct and Subterranean Records are proud to make NEGATIVE TREND's sole studio recordings available again in their original 7-inch format.

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