ZNR - Barricade 3 LP


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ZNR was the French duo of Hector Zazou and Joseph Racaille (hence, Zazou 'n' Racaille) active in the mid to late '70s. Their 1976 debut, Barricade 3, is an anti-pop masterpiece that truly defies categorization; it makes perfect sense that ZNR appears on the infamous Nurse With Wound list.

Featuring an array of seemingly dichotomous instruments (piano, synthesizers, woodwinds, electric guitar and more) as well as genuinely bizarre vocals, the album is composed of fifteen odd experiments using a loose framework of analog electronics, avant-garde rock, jazz influences, and post-structuralist ├ętudes.

As The Shadow Ring's Graham Lambkin writes, "The debut ZNR LP has long remained one of my all-time faves. A collision of eccentric Satie-esque miniatures, strange keyboard / synth explorations and the occasional song, delivered in a mixture of French and Spanish tongues. I always think of the creepy, over-ripe vocals on 'Seynete' as one of the LP's most memorable moments, but there are many."

Despite its schizophrenic mystique, Barricade 3 is very witty and surprisingly accessible with hints of Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers and Perrey-Kingsley. This long out-of-print vinyl reissue reproduces the original gatefold design including illustration by Don Van Vliet.

Track Listing:

  1. Droumier Assai Per S'Amourousis D'Un Moustre
  2. Trop De Douceur Ou Les Trois Soueurs: 2e Soeur
  3. L'Armoire
  4. Le Grand Compositeur Vu De Dos
  5. La Pointe De Tes Seins Est Comme Un Petale De Pavot
  6. Solo Un Dia
  7. La Vieio Mostro: Part II
  8. Espelisoun D'Uno Ribambello D'Evenimen Espetaclous Valentin Bilot
  9. Armistice Couronne De Feullages
  10. Le Grand Compositeur Vu De Face
  11. Seynete
  12. Editioun Especialo D'Uno Grino De Jardin
  13. Annie La Telie
  14. Naive Description De La Formation
  15. Avril En Suede