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Vinyl bundle comes with Santa Dog and Residue + free poster (mail-order exclusive).

Welcome to the wild, bizarro world of the experimental artists called The Residents. Little is known about the group's origins or its members' identities, although it is widely believed that they are based out of San Francisco, California. When their debut release, Santa Dog, first appeared in 1972 on the equally enigmatic Ralph Records / Cryptic Corporation, the few hundred copies quickly fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. Rumor has it that then-President Richard Nixon sent his record back.

True to their "Theory of Obscurity" concept, The Residents cultivate mystery to ensure artistic integrity. With different musical personas for each of its four tracks, Santa Dog is a fully-formed avant-garde pastiche of musique oncrète, Raymond Scott-esque exotica, television sound effects, and the group's own mutilated take on rock 'n' roll that later became known as their trademark aesthetic.

Superior Viaduct is honored to present Santa Dog's first-time vinyl reissue, complete with Christmas-themed fold-out sleeve. The package is an essential artifact for devout fans and beginners – a puzzle wrapped in a piece of commercial music. Or perhaps it is the other way around?

Residue Of The Residents collects outtakes, rare tracks and other experiments from this legendary San Francisco collective. Originally released on Ralph Records in 1983 and spanning The Residents' career up to that point, this first-time vinyl reissue has been expanded to a double LP and contains 26 songs from the late '70s and early '80s – the group's most fertile period.

Highlights from the first LP include the Morricone-inspired "The Sleeper," the dreamlike "Whoopy Snorp" (initially on the LAFMS compilation Blorp Esette), the intense collage piece "Kamikaze Lady" from the pre-Residents 1971 Baby Sex tapes, and the RAO Studio Orchestra version of "Ups & Downs" (which may be the group's finest pop moment).

The second LP features many insider favorites that have not been available on vinyl for decades: "Loser = Weed" (initially released as the B-side to the Satisfaction single), "Death In Barstow" and "Melon Collie Lassie" (from the Babyfingers EP), as well as The Residents' contributions to the great Subterranean Modern compilation.

Balancing the group's conceptual impulses with a dark palette of electro-esotericism, Residue Of The Residents is an intoxicating collection that serves as an ideal starting point for the uninitiated.

Santa Dog - Track Listing:

  1. Fire
  2. Aircraft Damage
  3. Explosion
  4. Lightning

Residue - Track Listing:

  1. The Sleeper
  2. Whoopy Snorp
  3. Kamikazi Lady
  4. Boy In Love
  5. Shut Up! Shut Up!
  6. Anvil Forest
  7. Diskomo
  8. Jailhouse Rock
  9. Ups & Downs
  10. Walter Westinghouse
  11. Scent Of Mint
  12. Saint Nix
  13. Open Up
  14. From The Plains To Mexico
  15. Loser = Weed
  16. Death in Barstow
  17. Melon Collie Lassie
  18. In San Francisco
  19. Dumbo The Clown
  20. Is He Really Bringing Roses?
  21. Time's Up
  22. Daydream Believer
  23. Safety Is A Cootie Wootie Part 1 - Prelude For A Toddler
  24. Safety Is A Cootie Wootie Part 2 - Toddler's Lullaby
  25. Safety Is A Cootie Wootie Part 3 - Safety Is A Cootie Wootie
  26. Daydream In Space