Pascal Comelade - Sentimientos LP


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Label: États-Unis

Originally released in 1982, Pascal Comelade's Sentimientos is one of the most elusive and sought after LPs in the French composer's vast catalogue. Recorded on a two-track Revox machine, the album is an eclectic series of brief pieces – only two of the twenty tracks exceed four minutes – showcasing his poetic imagination and impressive range.

While much of Comelade's early work hints at many of the major electronic movements to come, Sentimientos remains earthbound and organic. Melodic fragments performed on piano, organ, plastic saxophone, vibes, guitar, toy piano, ukulele and synthesizer place Comelade's boundless creative spirit on display.

It is telling that Comelade chooses to cover a Brian Eno tune not from the ambient pioneer's seminal Music For Airports, released just four years earlier, but rather the more traditional "Taking Tiger Mountain," here rendered to highlight the song's previously hidden hymn-like qualities.

Like fellow countryman Ghédalia Tazartès, there is something distinctly unclassifiable about Comelade's music. Undoubtedly, the two artists share a flair for the mischievous.

Sentimientos is an unapologetically whimsical, frequently dizzying and loveably anarchic album of manic energy and radiant mystery – a perfect introduction to Comelade's singular musical mind.

This first-time reissue is limited to 750 numbered copies.

Track Listing:

  1. White Light
  2. Approximative But Fair
  3. Wyatt Ah Um
  4. Lettre De Mozart À Sa Petite Cousine
  5. Still Life With Goldfish
  6. The Grey Velvet Gentleman
  7. From DC By PC
  8. Taking Tiger Mountain
  9. Habanera
  10. Carmen
  11. Avant-Midi
  12. Sicilia
  13. Again
  14. White Heat
  15. Distant Pianos
  16. Paralelo
  17. In A Lebanon Park
  18. Courant D'Air Sur Le Pommier Du Japon
  19. La Opera
  20. Barrett