Le Forte Four / Doo-Dooettes - Live At The Brand 2xLP


Label: États-Unis

Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) formed in the mid-1970s as a loose-knit experimental music collective and multimedia publishing vehicle. Founded by teenage Le Forte Four members Chip Chapman, Joe Potts and Rick Potts and soon joined by Tom Recchion of Doo-Dooettes, LAFMS incorporated free improvisation, modular synthesizers, tape music, sampling, musique concrète, homemade instruments, noise, mail art and avant-rock in permissive and anarchic sessions at the Raymond Building and Poo-Bah Record Shop in old Pasadena. Inspired by The Residents, LAFMS self-released records and periodicals, organized performances and connected with fellow outsiders via post in the years before punk. Their uninhibited, egalitarian ideal of music-making and DIY distribution would influence generations of underground artists.

Live At The Brand documents the second performance of newly formed LAFMS core groups Le Forte Four and Doo-Dooettes on July 8, 1976 at the recital hall of the Brand Library in Glendale. Le Forte Four (now joined by Tom Potts) did not actually perform live, but rather created 44 pyramid-shaped headphone helmets with internal quadraphonic speakers and countless wires in order to share their latest tape assemblages with showgoers deprived of sight. The recordings delivered in this Fluxus-inspired manner feature the Buchla synthesizer at nearby CalArts, radio interpolations, group improvisations, addled outbursts and splices from source material lost to time. Doo-Dooettes – Tom Recchion, Harold Schroeder, Juan Gomez, Dennis Duck and Fredrik Nilsen – performed a series of alternately droning and chaotic duets with guitar, percussion, piano, tape loops and synthesizer, all improvised around loosely structured compositions and culminating in a spontaneous group composition at the end of the program. Originally released in 1976, the double LP would be LAFMS' third release.

This first-time vinyl reissue is limited to 500 numbered copies. Comes with inserts.

Track Listing:

  1. Le Forte Four - Birth Of Largie Schrapnel
  2. Le Forte Four - The Very First Song I Ever Wrote
  3. Le Forte Four - M-M-M
  4. Le Forte Four - Keep That Point Up
  5. Le Forte Four - 4,000 Holes In Blackburn, Lancashire
  6. Le Forte Four - Telethon Returns
  7. Le Forte Four - From The 12 Pages
  8. Le Forte Four - Tree Shredding Blues
  9. Le Forte Four - Do The Crow
  10. Le Forte Four - Balanced Comfort
  11. Le Forte Four - Telethon Returns
  12. Le Forte Four - Internal C.B. Breakage
  13. Le Forte Four - Good Friday Tape Dumb Session #1
  14. Le Forte Four - Reel World
  15. Le Forte Four - Columbia-Princeton Low Priority Soybean Meal
  16. Le Forte Four - Telethon Returns
  17. Le Forte Four - Down The Congo In A Backward Canoe
  18. Le Forte Four - Telethon Returns Continues
  19. Le Forte Four - Welcome To 35 South Raymond
  20. Le Forte Four - Darker Scratcher
  21. Le Forte Four - Diaramma I
  22. Le Forte Four - Diaramma II
  23. Le Forte Four - HHHMMM
  24. Le Forte Four - Telethon Returns
  25. Le Forte Four - Good Friday Tape Dumb Session II
  26. Le Forte Four - Shoe Spot
  27. Le Forte Four - Meet The Detectives
  28. Le Forte Four - Simple Circus
  29. Doo-Dooettes - Mojave
  30. Doo-Dooettes - Silver Hours
  31. Doo-Dooettes - Twenty-Four (24)
  32. Doo-Dooettes - Children Undressing Animals (Part One)
  33. Doo-Dooettes - Children Undressing Animals (Part Two)
  34. Doo-Dooettes - Green