Eduard Artemiev - The Mirror / Stalker Original Soundtrack LP (Color Vinyl)


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Limited edition of 200 copies on translucent green vinyl.

It comes as no surprise that Andrei Tarkovsky, master of Soviet cinema, turned to composer Eduard Artemiev to score his two lyrical and haunting films, The Mirror (1975) and Stalker (1979), as he had done for Solaris.

Artemiev's magnificent soundtrack to The Mirror is the natural follow-up to Solaris. Dense, slow-moving, and often disorienting mood pieces with Baroque sensibilities resonate beyond the film's dream-like images. For Stalker – Tarkovsky's other science-fiction masterpiece – Artemiev was inspired by Indian classical music and employed layers of synth tones, flute and tar (a traditional Iranian stringed instrument) to create a central theme as spellbinding as The Zone, a setting in the film where laws of physics no longer apply.

Superior Viaduct presents the first-time official release of two astonishingly unique soundtracks. Recommended for fans of Lech Jankowski's music for Brothers Quay films, B.C. Gilbert / G. Lewis and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Track Listing:

  • Side 1 - The Mirror - 14 Tracks (22:36)
  • Side 2 - Stalker - 7 Tracks (16:52)