Annea Lockwood - Glass World LP


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Label: États-Unis

New Zealand-born sound artist and composer Annea Lockwood received formal training at various institutions before exploring the sonorous potential of glass in a series of performances in the late 1960s. With plates of wired glass, glass discs, chunks of green cullet glass, glass tubing, sheets of micro-glass, glass jars and other incarnations of the material, Lockwood elicited a staggering array of sounds, some subtly uncanny and others as outlandish and alien as anything emitted from the era's early synthesizers.

Lockwood's glass concerts yielded a text-score published in Northern California new-music journal Source: Music of the Avant-Garde and attracted the attention of South African producer Michael Steyn, who encouraged her to record the glass pieces for his label Tangent. They worked for two years in a small, resonant church in London to document a veritable catalogue of the materials' tone and timbre; Lockwood wished to present each sound as if it were a piece of music in and of itself. Glass World originally appeared on Tangent in 1970.

"I wanted to entice people into really listening intensively," Lockwood once reflected. "Into really listening. I wanted a deep immersion in the sounds of themselves, for the audience."

First-time vinyl reissue. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. Micro Glass Shaken
  2. Glass Rod Vibrating
  3. Turning Gong
  4. Mini Mobile
  5. Wine Glass
  6. Water Gong
  7. Two Ribbed Discs
  8. Rod Across Edge Of Pane
  9. Glass Bulb
  10. Glissandi
  11. Spinning Discs
  12. Dialogue: Bottles And Jars
  13. Vibrating Pane
  14. Bubbling
  15. Breathing Machine
  16. Water Jars
  17. Rod Roll
  18. Micro Glass On Goblet
  19. Micro Glass Along Pane
  20. Cullet: Two Glass Rocks
  21. Medium Mobile
  22. Bottle Tree Showered With Fragments
  23. Deep Water Gong